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My City

I live in Toronto’s urban environment. I am constantly surrounded by the sounds, sights and energy of a changing and emerging city. As a photographer, I am acutely aware that each image captured will be a time capsule of that urban moment. Each image will never be experienced again in the same way. Much like the concept that the macro universe continues to expand outward, so does the micro city I have chosen to live in. My mixed media pieces, play with this expansion. My works play with energy of shapes and colours and elements of an urban environment.

I am now retired from teaching where I was the Head of Visual and Media Art for 41 years.


I was trained in printmaking and design at the Ontario College of Art and Design.  Keeping my interests in printmaking and design, within the framework of my mixed media pieces, is important to me. Photography has always been a form of record keeping for me and is also part of the artistic planning of my compositions.


I believe in the growth of my artistic expression and I am continually experimenting with new concepts and techniques.


Mixed media on wooden panel with resin

36 x 36 inches

See piece here