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XC Art Restoration is an art conservation company
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Art Restoration/ Conservation is one of the most integral aspects for the preservation of cultural history. Art of any form or medium is a creation of humans from the time they were able to use their hands until now.


It reflects the period it was created, it reveals the different faces and shapes of history and it exposes its creator’s emotional state. These objects we call art have been passed on from generation to generation as humans continue to beautify their environment and they will outlast us all as we pass them on to the future. “…a decision that will prolong the life of your heirlooms.”


As art conservators we understand the obligations we have to preserve history through art and we do so responsibly and in accordance with the international conservation code of ethics. In our establishment we will try to address all the misconceptions you might have regarding the restoration of art, including rumours of astronomical costs and guide you to a decision that will prolong the life of your heirlooms.


With over thirty eight years working with public institutions and galleries both in Canada and in Greece, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of Art History and we treat all art with the same respect and care. We specialize in the conservation / restoration of fine art and art objects.


With thirty-eight years in the field, we are able to understand your predicament and advise you accordingly. We are sensitive to the needs of the individual clients and the insurance industry. Our mission is to provide prompt and efficient service with the utmost quality in mind. All works of art or art objects are examined in your presence, with the exception of the art that has suffered major damages and a condition & treatment report is proposed.

We specialize in the restoration of:

  • Wall Painting 
  • Icons
  • Egg Tempera
  • Acrylic 
  • Mixed Media Paintings 
  • Works on Paper
  • Restoration of Frames
  • Restoration of Decorative and Functional Objects


We carry many diverse local artists to fit your taste. Browse these inspiring works of art we price these as un-framed as we offer custom framing services which can taylor these art pieces to fit your home or workplace.


We provide an extensive range of Conservation services

Conservation/Restoration of fine art

We offer Art conservation or Art restoration services

Fire damage

We handle and extract fire damaged pieces and perform restoration on salvageable items

Water damage or mold restoration

We can restore art that has been exposed to or damaged by moisture or mold

China and other material restoration

We restore your china pieces and figurines

Frame Conservation and Restoration

We can restore and rebuild frames

Relining/tear or puncture repair and restoration

We are able to repair and restore punctures or tears to your artwork


It is very important to be able to trust the professionals with your heirlooms, therefore a general knowledge of the conservators involved and their background is necessary. Whether you choose our establishment or another studio to perform the art restoration work on your paintings or objects, it is imperative to know the qualifications of the people who will be working on your works of art.


Art conservation is a process that demands the highest form of professionalism, ethics, as well as a tedious and methodical approach. Each painting or object has its own character, its own challenges and therefore requires an individual treatment. There are no “fix-all” formulas and no “quick-fixes”. The days when people who dabbed in restoration would overpaint and beautify the paintings, are gone. Today’s conservators are more concerned with preservation and longevity rather than aesthetics.


Co-Founder, Art Conservator

Kostas Xenarios studied art restoration/ conservation at the studio of the Athenian Technological Institute, under his Italian educated professor Stavros Baltoyannis with emphasis on preservation rather than restoration. Though his schooling was in general conservation, his preference is with the conservation of paintings of all mediums. From 1969 to 1974 he worked for the Greek Ministry of Culture on the Island of Crete, restoring Byzantine frescos and icons in remote monasteries and churches. In 1974 he immigrated to Canada and settled in Toronto where he has been living ever since. He has worked for several galleries and public institutions, including the Royal Ontario Museum and the Historical Board.


Co-Founder, Art Conservator

Helen Chialtas is Toronto born and educated. She studied Art at the University of Waterloo, and graduated from the University of Toronto with a BA Honours in Art History with the intention of pursuing art conservation or curatorial studies. She apprenticed since 1997 with Kostas Xenarios as an art conservator of paintings and art objects. She has also apprenticed and worked very closely with conservators specializing in works on paper. In addition to her meticulous approach to restoration, her Art History degree and her research abilities are an asset to the company in the valuation of works of art.

Helen Frangos

Art Conservator

Helen Panagiotakopoulos graduated from Ryerson University in Theatre Arts. After her graduation she moved to Athens Greece where she was introduced to china restoration. Upon her return to Canada seven years ago she first apprenticed with us as a fine china restorer and her love for the craft as well as her enthusiasm is reflected in the quality of her work. Each job, however small, receives the same attention and care.


We are located, in Toronto, on the west side of Mount Pleasant Road, three blocks south of Eglinton Avenue. If you are sending your parcel by mail or courier please use the address below;

XC Art Restoration Inc.
596 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto , ON M4S 2M8, CANADA

Email: xc_artrestoration@yahoo.ca Phone: 416.482.3133 Fax: 416.482.5830

Hours: Monday 10:00am – 3:00pm, Tuesday – Saturday 10:00am – 5:00pm , CLOSED SUNDAYS